Looking for a solution on signage? World VDS is the answer

World VDS is a new tool for your business marketing

Digital signage is a very effective method for medical providers to communicate with and educate patients and visitors on preventive medicine. Its simple to tailor the messaging specially to your practice area. Since patients and their families generally spend time in the waiting room, they are a receptive audience to passively receive basic information. Instead of brochures or other printed health information, tailor specific messages to them through World VDS digital signage platform and broadcast them on your TV channel at your clinic waiting rooms.

World VDS can be set to provide:

  • General health and / or wellness tips;
  • Facility maps and locations;
  • Affiliate insurance programs;
  • Internal or external promotional content (for instance, cafeteria menus, gift shop ads);
  • News, sports and weather;
  • Welcome messages and Clinic news;
  • Content on individual screens can be tailored to each department;

Pharmacies: Use World VDS to announce new remedies, preventive medicine information or a generic medicine presentation. You can setup a channel to solve common doubts to consumers.

Medical institutions: World VDS can help you provide a pleasant environment for patients and relatives. With World VDS you can entertain patients and relatives while waiting, thus diminishing stress, and maintaining them satisfied.

Waiting rooms: it s a well established fact that digital signage diminishes the waiting sensation and is a powerful mean to broadcast preventive medicine campaigns combining news and entertainment.

Diminish stress. Provide a pleasant environment at your clinic.

World VDS is an ideal solution for your Digital Signage needs.

To setup your TV channel, download World VDS.