Looking for a solution on signage? World VDS is the answer

World VDS is a new tool for your business marketing

Deploying World VDS digital signage is a sign of your company awareness of emerging technology. World VDS can be deployed on a small office or on a large corporation. The goal is to improve internal and external communication.

With World VDS you can:

  • Take advantage of areas such as reception, corridors, foyers, elevators.
  • Display welcome messages, company news and updates, emergency alerts, news, weather, floor plans or wayfinding information, bulletin boards or other business information, like stock prices and other suitable news tickers.
  • Entertain with television, music, video clips.
  • Present company training to your staff

Use World VDS to promote your brand and get more business, increasing turnover. Stand out of the crowd. By providing entertainment and information your customers will feel pleased in engaging with your company.

World VDS is a DIY solution for your Digital Signage needs.

To setup your TV channel, download World VDS.