Looking for a solution on signage? World VDS is the answer

World VDS is a new tool for your business marketing

World VDS is a great tool for all kinds of retail: supermarkets, grocery stores, a shopping center or a simple store, all can gain from using World VDS digital signage platform.

We will help you to

  • Draw attention to your store.
  • Influence your customers purchase options
  • Help your customers to find products/services in the store
  • Entertain your customers while waiting, even keep them longer on the store.


  • Inform customers of promotions, product features and prices
  • Entertain your customers with engaging content while they are shopping or on waiting lines.

Supermarkets: World VDS digital signage platform can be used to connect complementary products. Digital signage allows to display much more products than the ones on the noble areas of the shelves.

Clothing Stores: present new trends, fashion show images and tips.

Cultural consumption stores: present events, concerts, book, and DVD presentations to facilitate the choice of the consumer.

Electronic appliances stores: besides announcing promos and new products, digital signage can grab attention to ‘hard to sell’ products.

Cosmetics stores: communicate trends and news on the area. Digital signage can appeal to glamour of this kind of products. Can teach how to makeup, show haircuts. Helps branding the store.

One of the main features of World VDS digital out-of-home  platform is its adaptability to any situation - effective executions can be implemented (and witnessed) across different retail categories, from cosmetics and fashion to food retailing to all sorts of retail specialities.

Use digital signage on queue points to inform and distract your customers. Make waiting time a pleasant time! Take advantage of the digital signage high-impact messaging: in-store TV has a proven track record of success. Announce your promotions!

The goal is to offer a better consumer experience.
No matter the size of your store, World VDS is an ideal solution for implementing your Digital Signage platform.

World VDS is a DIY solution for your Digital Signage needs.

To setup your TV channel, download World VDS.