Looking for a solution on signage? World VDS is the answer

World VDS is a new tool for your business marketing

All scholar community can benefit from the immediacy and effectiveness of a digital signage broadcast.

World VDS platform can be used on the educational field for a variety of purposes. The most obvious are:

  • in receptions, to present welcome screens, facility maps and information, campus notices, etc.
  • in the canteen, to display menus, diet advice, college news, national news, etc.
  • on the library, to advertise new books, schedule and rules, and so on
  • throughout the campus, to present safety tips (evacuation procedures, fire exit locations), college news, maps...

The final goal is to provide a better educational environment.

World VDS is a DIY solution for your Digital Signage needs.

To setup your TV channel, download World VDS.